What is Lesson Plans?

Lessonplans.ie is an online platform that allows teachers to buy and sell lesson plans and resources online. We know how much time is takes each year for teachers to write multiple lesson plans across multiple subjects and we wanted to make this easier for teachers.

Buy Lesson Plans: Teachers can easily search for lesson plans and resources using the search bar and side filter on lessonplans.ie. Search by class, subject or theme to find a list or lesson plans and resources to buy or download for free.

Sell Lesson Plans: Teachers can create there own shop on Lessonplans to upload and sell any lesson plans and resources they have across different class level and subjects.

Lessonplans.ie caters for Primary and Secondary lesson plans and resources.

Meet Rachel

I am a qualified primary school teacher who believes in working hard but working smart. What I mean by this, is that I am committed to giving my job 100% but passionate about maximising my free time, which is something I’m sure a lot of you teachers will identify with. While I was on teaching practice, I spent many painful hours creating plans and resources over many weeks, surviving on little sleep and with limited help. I would spend hours searching on the internet looking for help, but my findings would never quite match what I was looking for. Any options I did come across were difficult to use and took even more to search for or edit. I decided back then, if i ever made it through I would use my experience to help other teachers navigate through the teaching practice ( goes without saying that any plans purchased for TP or SP should only be used as a guide and edited to suit the individual teacher ) ,  planning and making resources – why should we all be doubling up?

Fast forward a couple of years and now working as a qualified teacher and I was hit with another realisation – the income earned by teachers is “limited”, especially NQT’s.  This coupled with my teaching practice experience was my light bulb moment to actually do something about it! Why not have teachers help teachers – share plans, supplement income & do it in the easiest way possible.

I’m a firm believer in utilising skill sets and knowledge which was my motivation for approaching Jess with the idea for lessonplans.ie.

Meet Jessica

I was really intrigued the day Rachel approached me with her idea – she was that excited it didn’t take long for me to say yes. Given that I had to listen to hours of complaining during TP – I knew we had a business and untapped opportunity on our hands.

Working in Google for the past 10 years (6 years as an Industry Manager in the education sector) I had a wealth of knowledge in the education industry and a thorough understanding of digital and what was needed to create a seamless experience for the online user.

Coming from different backgrounds we decided to join forces, experience and skill sets to co-found Lesson Plans in 2018 as a way for teachers just like you to find, share and sell lesson plans and resources.