Christmas Planning

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Hey all,

How is it possible to even imagine that Saturday is the 1st of December?  I don’t know how every year seems to be going faster, or maybe that’s just my age talking! I’m in the throes of Christmas Play planning but that will be finished next week ( nice and early ) and then I want to be ready with good, fun lesson plans and activities to keep the class busy.  I know it can even be time-consuming to trawl through websites looking for resources and ideas so here’s a summary of what’s available on and for which class levels.

For 1st and 2nd Classes the following material is available right now on has a huge selection of Christmas activities in her shop for 1st and 2nd such as her amazing huge Christmas bundle. 

3rd and 4th have a great range of lesson ideas and activities up too such as a 25 page flip chart on the theme of Christmas which is sure to captivate children.  This resource also saves you endless time trying to create and put together a presentation of your own.

Resources to suit 5th and 6th, and which again will ultimately make your life as the teacher much more times efficient ( when planning ) include a Christmas Word Sort involving nouns, adjectives and verbs.  There are also Christmas-themed resources in Gaeilge on the theme of Christmas like Líon Na Bearnaí.

If you’re teaching in EAL there’s also a selection of resources for you to choose from with worksheets using pictures of Christmas. Also don’t forget it’s never too late to become a seller with us and upload some of your own resources and lesson plans.


Lesson Plans 🙂

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