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* Planning is based on the Primary School Curriculum which can be found at:

This long term planning is linked to my 1st Class fortnightly planning bundle Term 1 and Term 2 which can be found on my store. It is also linked to my 1st Class Long Term Planning Bundle (11 subjects for 30 euro) which can also be found on my store. The planning follows NIPT planning and has all the recent aims and objectives as well as all strands, elements and learner outcomes for the Primary Language Curriculum. Clear monthly learning activities with learning objectives are planned for. A yearly scheme is provided with content and activities each month. The planning is suitable for DIP planning as it follows guidelines from the NIPT with clear aims, objectives, strands, strand units, content, differentiation, linkage and integration, assessment approaches and methodologies and resources! Long term English plan suitable for both 1st and 2nd Class. Content can be adapted to suit 2nd Class curriculum. However, most of the activities planned are suitable for both 1st and 2nd Class. English long term plan for 1st/2nd Class for the new Primary Language Curriculum. The planning includes Strands, Elements and all Learner Outcomes for 1st and 2nd Class. The planning also allows for lesson content, activities, differentiation, resources, cross curricular planning, methodologies and assessment. It also explains the aims of the new language curriculum. The long term plan uses the following curriculum books: Spellbound, PAT 1 phonics programme, Wonderland Reading Series, PDST Reading Comprehension booklet, PDST Writing booklet for writing genres. It is very detailed and easily adapted to your planning needs as you can edit the yearly scheme template easily. A detailed and highly comprehensive yearly scheme is provided. The plan is 15 pages long.

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