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FREE Year 4: Information Texts (Lesson 1 of 15)

This bundle includes: 15 complete (and editable) lessons plans, all necessary resources and 3 fully interactive PowerPoints to make this unit enjoyable and engaging. This unit is centered around a variety of different musical instruments (both familiar and new) as they learn to explore, write and identify the features of an information text.

SPAG/GPS covered: coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, main and subordinate clauses, apostrophes to show possession and pronouns.

Lesson 1: To write about a musical instrument
Lesson 2: To prepare an oral presentation using conjunctions
Lesson 3: To read and answer questions about a text
Lesson 4: To explore and identify the features of an information text
Lesson 5: To use a range of conjunctions to form extended sentences
Lesson 6: To sort information into different headings
Lesson 7: To conduct independent research
Lesson 8: To write paragraphs using conjunctions
Lesson 9: To continue writing my information text
Lesson 10: To assess the work of others
Lesson 11: To research an instrument of my choice
Lesson 12: To sort my research into an organised plan
Lesson 13: To write the first draft of my information text
Lesson 14: To check, edit and redraft my information text
Lesson 15: To prepare and present my information text

Total Number of Slides: 80
Lesson Plans Included? Yes
Activities and Resources Included? Yes

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