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Kleidung; worn by all and super important for learners of German to remember. But why don’t they? My students are constantly forgetting whether its der, die or das Kleid, which is sooooo frustrating. I made 40 flashcards of clothing and accessories (such as wallets, necklaces, watches) that I use in my classroom to introduce the topics, play memory games, and also print them out to be used as posters/vocab sheets. All nouns here are accompanied with their definite articles, because how else will they remember?
Enjoy and let me know how use these in the classroom!
Viel Spaß!!
The vocabulary I used here is listed below.
1. das T-Shirt
2. der Pullover
3. das Hemd
4. die Bluse
5. die Hose
6. der Rock
7. das Kleid
8. der Anzug
9. die Krawatte
10. der Gürtel
11. der Mantel
12. die Jacke
13. der Schal
14. die Handschuhe
15. die Mütze
16. die Schuhe
17. die Stiefel
18. die Sandalen
19. die Socken
20. der Badeanzug
21. die Badehose
22. der Bikini
23. die Regenjacke
24. der Regenschirm
25. die Sonnenbrille
26. der Hut
27. die Ohrringe
28. die Halskette
29. das Armband
30. die Armbanduhr
31. der Ring
32. die Tasche
33. der Rucksack
34. die Jogginghose
35. die Kurz Hose
36. der Smoking
37. der Schlafanzug
38. die Flip-Flops
39. die Strumpfhose
40. das Portemonnaie
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