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This unit includes 10 lessons plans, activities and 2 fully interactive PowerPoints to teach 5th Class children all about instruction and explanation texts. They will begin by reading, exploring and identifying the different features of each type of text before using their knowledge to plan and write their own using the identified features.

SPAG/GPS covered: Bullet Points, Colons, Semi-colons and Parentheses (Brackets, Commas and Dashes).

Lesson 1: To identify the features of an explanation text
Lesson 2: To write an instruction text using bullet points and colons
Lesson 3: To read and answer questions about a text
Lesson 4: To plan an instruction text
Lesson 5: To write an instruction text
Lesson 6: To use brackets, commas and dashes to indicate parentheses
Lesson 7: To write and perform an informal explanation
Lesson 8: To research and plan an explanation text
Lesson 9: To write an explanation text
Lesson 10: To prepare and present my explanation text

Total Number of Slides: 54
Lesson Plans Included? Yes
Activities and Resources Included? Yes

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