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This MS Word file contains 60 quizzes for the multiplication tables (aka times-tables, basic facts). Each quiz has a specific range of tables included, so you can test students on just the tables that your students have learned. As the students learn more, the number of tables included in a given quiz grows.

Each quiz is unique because a random-number generator was used to help select the facts from each table. That way, if you want to give several quizzes on the same range of tables, you can do so while ensuring the students are not learning the quiz answers instead of the math facts.

Each quiz has a matching answer page that the teacher can use as the key when reading the answers out-loud or by asking an assistant (e.g., a volunteer student) to do so.

The first page has hyperlinks so you can get to the table of interest quickly, this is handy because the document is 122 pages.

You can share, print and modify this electronically or manually without further permission from us — please do as you wish 🙂

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