A Guide to making the most of your Observation Weeks!

A Guide to making the most of your Observation Weeks!

Observing your children before you teach them is very, very important as understanding your pupils and your setting can make your planning, teaching and learning more informed and thus more relevant to your class.

This guide goes through all the different things you should look out for during your observation week and what you can do set yourself up for success for the coming weeks.

This 10 page guide includes notes on each of these areas;
– The Pupils
– School Procedures
– The Staffroom
– The Class Teacher
– Planning & Preparation
– Interactions & Assisting in the Class
– The Classroom
– Your Responsibilities
– Available ICT
– Aistear in the Infant Classroom
– Whole School Initiatives
– College Requirements
– Advice from Instagram

I also have a section in the guide on a few pieces of advice with regards to being in school during the Covid-19 pandemic. There are also bits of advice in some of the above sections when Covid-19 considerations need to be taken into account.

I hope this guide helps you thrive during your observation weeks and set yourself up for a great few weeks teaching!

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Mister Múinteoir

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