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These Alphabet Practice Worksheets are designed to help your early years students get more familiar with writing, reading, and recognising every letter of the alphabet.

Each one of these worksheets focuses on a different letter of the alphabet and is split into three sections. Students must first trace, then practise writing the alphabet letter several times over. Then, they’re asked to circle the letter in a mixed assortment of letters. Finally, they can look at a collection of drawings, and tick every object that starts with that letter.

By including a selection of activities in each worksheet, students are being asked to think about each letter of the alphabet in different ways. Those variations in thinking better help students to memorise each letter.

The worksheets give students practise writing alphabet letters as they improve their pencil control, as well as practise identifying what objects begin with each letter.

These alphabet practice worksheets would be great for completing as an in-class activity, or for assigning as homework. Perfect for early years children in kindergarten, preschool and year one.

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