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You are welcome to make copies of this resource for use in your classroom.

This booklet is designed for classroom use, to help your students learn about plate tectonics as well as our dynamic earth. It is the ideal introduction for students to the concept of Plate Tectonics.

Activities are immersed throughout the booklet and are ideal for in-class tasks as well as homework tasks. Through each section there are a number of “Putting It Into Practice” tasks that require students to use the information learned. Scattered throughout the booklet are “Level Up” activities that are designed to challenge students. There is also 9 questions in the ‘Assessing Your Learning’ section that could be used as a chapter test. The booklet includes a blank key word bank, for students to use throughout the chapter.

I’ve designed this content for my own classroom and am sharing it so that it may help you! The price is just a recognition of the work that has gone into creating this resource.



  • Our Earth
  • Inside Our Earth
  • The Crust
  • Continents
  • Tectonic Plates
  • Plate Movement
  • Continental Drift


All of the images and diagrams have been generated through Canva.

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