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“Watch out!” this creative writing sheet is headed. “Watch out for the ___ dragon! He’s __ and __.” Young children enjoy thinking up describing words for the dragon, some writing extra ideas in the spare line provided below. They also love colouring in the large, lively dragon picture. The illustration also serves to provide insights into what a dragon might be like, showing wings, scaly skin, a wild, rolling eye, sharp teeth and fiery breath, among other details.

Warm-up tip: show toy dragons and pictures of them first, also inviting discussion, sounding out, imaginary (one hopes!), and other enactments, such as fire-breathing, flying, leaping, teeth-gnashing. See my easier and harder versions too, for differentiation.

Supports poetry, creative writing and all-round literacy, also providing a vehicle for feelings and concerns, and offering embellishments to learning about mythical creatures, animals in general, fire and colours, Both the writing and colouring also develop fine motor control, and the artwork strengthens colour awareness.

Invite every child to read out a word or line, helping as needed. This will boost confidence in writing, speaking and performing, also celebrating their achievement.

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