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This highly popular resource invites alliterative words to fill gaps in a dragon’s menu, starting with T… on Toast. A huge and crazy dragon illustration accompanies the full-page menu, along with messy plate, wonky cutlery, a fizzing, over-flowing glass of something and scattered crumbs.

Other items on the menu include M… and Mash, C… Curry, P… Pizza and S… Salad, as well as some desserts and drinks.

Teaching tips: discuss dragons first, and enact them eating – with poor table manners perhaps. Talk about what sorts of food they might like, such as hot, huge, weird and disgusting ones, maybe. Then share the challenge together, verbally, before handing out the sheets for individual, written responses.

Ideas to prompt for, to get the ball rolling: T… on Toast: Trees, Tarantulas, T-Rex, Toads, Time, Tickles, Tigers.
Able contributors could be challenged with finding adjectives for each, also starting with the same letter, e.g. Twiggy Trees, Terrifying Tigers, Terrible Tickles.

This activity can be used to embellish work on mythical creatures, or dragons in particular, or to enliven healthy eating guidance (by warning against dragon menus!), and, most importantly, for all-round literacy development. The alliteration aspect will help children grasp the concept and apply it in their creative writing. The humour and fun involved will encourage reluctant writers to put pen to paper and discover the joy of reading and writing.

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