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Bring History to Life, One Card at a Time!”

This 35 page pack contains a competitive card game which features a list of people we study on the junior cycle history 1st and 2nd year course. From the early Christian monk, to the Roman Patrician, the Renaissance Patron to the Home Rule supporter in 1912, students compete in small groups by pitting a variety of characters against each other. 

Each card contains the strengths and attributes of each figure, Power points, and Bonus points which can be used against other cards in gameplay. Each card also contains helpful keywords and facts to help students to reinforce importance themes, concepts and learning outcomes during play. 

Other cards, like Attribute boosters, Attribute reducers and Defensive Power-Ups can be used to make gameplay more exciting and competitive. 

This could be used with classes at the end of either 1st or 2nd year, and could be split into 2 separate card games if necessary. 

The 1st year deck contains 23 cards and the 2nd year deck contains 2o cards, so 43 figures from an array of historical settings and contexts from the Junior Cycle course. 

There are also 10 blank cards which could be used to create other figures or characters. 

Gameplay instructions/suggestions are contained in this pack.

I hope to create a 3rd year card game too at some point, and will hopefully share on when it is completed. 






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