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Looking for a resource that covers the past 1000 years of Western music? Then look no further. This massive 134 page resource includes everything you could want your students to learn about from the Medieval era all the way to present day.

This product can be used in multiple ways and can be used for individual worksheets, as a unit on a particular musical era or if you are feeling adventurous as a year-long, multi-era unit.

This product includes:

Flippable timeline from Medieval to present day

World histories

Musical histories

Composer bios

Composer worksheets

Compare and contrast

Instrument worksheets and histories

and more…

Speaking from experience this is a very long activity should you wish to explore all activities. I use this in my grade 6 music classes and this is something we go back to once every other week for the year. There was still plenty that we had not covered by June but by the end of the year my students had a fantastic understanding of 1000 years of musical history.

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