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I Am David is the story of a boy raised in a Nazi concentration camp who escapes. Then we follow his path as he heads toward Denmark. The journey is much more than a geographical study. It is the story of the boy’s thoughts, fears, courage, encounters, and struggles as he learns to cope in a world totally unknown to him.

This 46-page product includes vocabulary, thinking questions, activities, writing, and more.

Table of Contents:

  1. Vocabulary for Each Chapter
  2. Play Vocabulary Word Sneak Directions
  3. Conversation Topic Started for Vocabulary Word Sneak
  4. Blank Cards for Vocabulary Word Sneak
  5. Story Elements Poster
  6. Who’s Who and What’s What? – Story Elements Charts
  7. Questioning Is an Art
  8. Costa’s Levels of Questioning
  9. My Thinking Questions
  10. Asking the Right Questions
  11. Intangible Questions Poster
  12. Asking Intangible Questions
  13. Thinking/Comprehension Questions for Each Chapter
  14. David’s Route – Mapping Activity
  15. It’s a Fact! – Understanding the Places David Went
  16. Censorship
  17. Learning More – Research on Topics Related to the Story
  18. Period Newspaper Directions
  19. Steps to Making a Period Newspaper
  20. Fact Sheet – for Use Doing Research
  21. Sample Bibliography
  22. An Interview with “the Man”
  23. Point of View Poster
  24. What Is an Editorial? Poster
  25. Freedom of Speech and Press Editorial Assignment
  26. Discussion/Essay Topic Questions
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