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This bundle is the ultimate recourse for revising the JC science course both in class or to give to students to complete independently.
It contains revision aid/graphic organizer templates for each of the major chapters on ONE page. I use these at the end of a topic in 1st and 2nd year and a revision tool with my 3rd years. I print them on A3 paper and get students to complete them in small groups. Each student gets there own A4 copy to take home at the end of the activity and has all the essential information on a single page.
I find these amazing for the mixed ability classroom!
There is a Microsoft word version included for the following topics:
Acids and Bases
Rates of Reaction (exo and endo included)
Solutions and Separation
States of Matter
Classifying Substances
Breathing System
Cells and Microscope
Circulatory System
Digestive System
Ecology (Habitat study included)
Factors affecting human health
Genetics and Evolution
Cycling of Matter
Universe and Celestial Bodies

**24 Revision templates are included!!**
Also would be great for a learning support class.

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