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**See free preview of my notes in my store – LC Geography Tutor – on human interaction with Biomes.**

This bundle includes notes on all aspects of the Physical Geography section.

All chapters are broken down into key bullet points of information that specifically target SRP’s. All excess information that textbooks include are cut out.

These notes were created by me and are used to teach in a private grinds school as well as intensive revision courses at Christmas and Easter. The feedback on these notes has been extremely positive from students and parents.

This bundle consists of 10 seperate booklets of notes.

1. Plate Tectonics
2. Earthquakes
3. Volcanoes
4. Folding and Faulting
5. The Rock Cycle
6. Weathering/Denudation
7. Rivers – in detail
8. Coasts – in detail
9. Mass Movement/Glaciation – concise information required for short questions
10. Isostasy

These notes are really accessible for students of all ability and goals.

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