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This is an excellent resource to use to recap/ revise over the LC Biology Experiment questions. 

Every LC Biology experiment is included in this resource with questions and an answer sheet.

This is an interactive resource where I have included a QR code at the top of each page that directly links to a YouTube video to that LC Biology experiment to help remind students the different steps or results VISUALLY. 

How I use this resource? 

Students work in pairs and I set a timer on the board for 20 – 30 minutes depending on the class. I leave the sheets scattered on a table and students come up, pick a card and brings it back to their table. Once they’ve completed the questions, they return the sheet to the table and pick a new one. This is repeated. At the end of time I give students 10 minutes to correct their answers then fill out a reflection slip. 2 stars and a wish is a great alternative as a reflection tool.

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