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This Unit of Learning was built for use in a Junior Cycle Geography classroom.

It uses the Macgillcuddy’s Reeks as the staple and explores the geographic processes that are present. It incorporates a non-linear approach to teaching.

The NOTES handout is provided in lieu of a textbook to provide students with the relevant information for the topics in this unit. Revision questions are built into each section and are designed to act as note taking for students. Where relevant, a photo, OS Map or chart is incorporated to build in key skills.

The ASSESSMENT sheet is designed for revision or assessment purposes for this unit. It is designed in the style and format of SEC papers.

The POWERPOINT includes a list of learning outcomes, and is editable to allow you to add or take away as required.

Topics covered in this Unit of Learning:

  • Formation of fold mountains at Continental-Continental plate boundary
  • Orogeny
  • Sheep Farming on mountains
  • Characteristics of Podzol soils.
  • Soil Profile: Podzol
  • Soil Creep
  • Formation of Sandstone
  • Freeze-thaw Action
  • Recreational Tourism on the Macgillycuddy’s Reeks
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