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This resource contains 7 question sheets (all exam focused questions) and an answer sheet to all questions.
I print a 8/9 copies of each sheet and laminate them as I use them as revision aids for my 6th years coming up to exam time as well.
I make it a game but you could just use them as question sheets.
For the relay activity:
Students are in pairs (3’s max). Only one member of the team can scribe (promotes discussion with the team) – they could rotate this for each new sheet if you wish.
Students all start on the first sheet, the questions start off easier and progressively get harder as the sheets go on. This allows all students to move onto the next sheet.
Once a group completes a sheet they put their hand up, I quickly check the answers (answer key makes this quick an efficient) if they get them right they get to move onto the second sheet and so on.

I often have a box of sweets and they get to select a sweet once a completed sheet is correct.
Things can get very competitive but huge student engagement even from the less motivated students!!

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