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This is a resource I created to assess students understanding of the following topics in the physical world in a fun, interactive and collaborative manner.
There are 7 question sheets, the topics include:
Sheet 1: Physical World Definitions
Sheet 2: Distance, Speed and Time
Sheet 3: Distance Time Graphs
Sheet 4: Measurement Units
Sheet 5: Speed Time Graphs
Sheet 6: Density
Sheet 7: Force
An answer sheet is also provided!
I put students in pairs and all students are given the first sheet, they must work together to complete all questions on the sheet. When they are finished and I have checked their answers they can run to the top pf the room and get the second sheet and so on.
The winning group is the one that completes all sheets correctly in the fastest time.
The sheets start off with simple questions and progressively get harder, allowing weaker students to complete at least a couple of sheets and stronger students to be kept busy for the duration of the class.
I really great revision activity for 3rd years or I only use a few of the sheets when I finish a topic with other year groups.

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