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This MS PowerPoint contains a slide for each multiplication table fact with the answers missing but when you press the forward arrow on the keyboard then the answer is displayed.

This can be used as a learning and/or quizzing exercise for the whole class or for individualized learning for students to do alone much like having flash-cards.

In addition to buttons that take you to individual tables, there 5 buttons that take you to review slides in which several tables are mixed together. At the end of each set of slides is a little animation to congratulate the students.

To make navigation within the presentation faster, this MS PowerPoint contains directory slides with buttons so that you can jump to the tables of interest and help students learn in small increments, then go to another table. Each slide has a button you can click to return to a directory slide. You go where you want, when you want — that’s the interactive part!

In slide-sorter view, you can shuffle the order of the slides within a group to ensure the students are memorizing facts and not the order of answers.

Although the buttons make navigation efficient, these use built-in MS PowerPoint features — there are no macros in this or any files that we upload.

You can share and modify this without further permission from us — please do as you wish 🙂

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