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CBA 1 Person of Commitment Research Booklet. 7 full worksheets (plus front cover, and table of contents- 9 total pages). Including a mix of lower and higher order questions, creation of a timeline, mindmaps, quotes, and space for personal reflection.

Guided research worksheets:

★Part One: Biographical details of Person of Commitment
★Part Two: Creating a timeline of their life
★Part Three: Cultural context
★Part Four: Their actions and impacts
★Part Five: Quotes from or about Person of Commitment
★Part Six: Personal reflection
★Part Seven: Bibliography template.

Skills developed: research skills, group work, peer teaching, working from a variety of sources, keeping a bibliography, timelines, personal reflection.

Junior Cycle RE Learning Outcomes:

★1.12- synthesise and consider the insights gained about how people express and live out their beliefs, religious or otherwise.
★2.8- present stories of individuals or groups in the history of two major world
religions that have had a positive impact on the lives of people because of their
commitment to living out their beliefs.
★ 3.1- examine different sources of values and ways in which the values of a
person relate to their everyday life choices, their relationships, and their
responsibilities to others.

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