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This is a group or pair activity to revise or to actively learn about the abuses of power in the church that lead to the Reformation. Each group or pair gets the A3 sheet printed and a set of cards (laminated if possible to use again). Each group must read and discuss each example. They should decide which abuse of power has been committed and place the card in that box on the A3 mat (mat is in a separate upload but is free) Some examples may cause discussion and students then need to decide where does it best fit – this will help to stretch and challenge the more able students who will need to justify their choices. There is a box on the A3 page for any questions that students may have. This allows them to jot down misconceptions and questions during the activity so that we can discuss them in the whole class link up at the end of the activity.

Aimed at second year Reformation first learning but this would also be a great way to revise the abuses of power and causes of the Reformation with third years.

Note: the yellow sheets in the pdf are the teacher’s answers – do not print these for the students.

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