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Make sure to check out the accompanying lesson plan also available in my store to be ready for this action – packed lesson –

If you want to bring a global dimension into your classroom – why not check out this lesson plan ! Children are continuously exposed to complex issues and terms in our modern-day society but often not thoroughly explained. This plan will provide you with an opportunity to engage your pupil’s in an active learning experience while exploring the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and how refugees are denied these rights.

The aim of these lessons is to discuss what children can do in their own classroom to ensure everyone has equal rights (to learn, to be safe and happy) and the responsibility that comes with rights. Children will develop an understanding of the articles and the importance of the UDHR. They will also develop empathy toward refugees by identifying the reasons for fleeing and by coming to the realisation that it can happen to anyone even famous people (E.g. Rita Ora, Jackie Chan, Einstein). Children will work in pairs/groups to develop a definition for a refugee, the rights they’re denied and ways to ensure everyone has equal rights in the world.

There is also enough material to stretch over at least two lessons (depending on your class level and varying abilities), while also providing an opportunity for integration between the Geography and S.P.H.E curriculum with modern-day relevant content !!

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