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*Updated November 5th 2023 with 6 Who Am I Scientist Riddles and 2023 Colouring Competition*

*A digital download & print yourself*

1. Science Week 2023 Colouring Competition 2. Science Week Riddles (5 riddles, one for each day of the week) (answers to each also included in a separate document) 3. Science Jokes – 18 Science Jokes on colourful backgrounds to be posted all around the school building. 4. Small Science Week Bunting (blue and pink in colour) 5. Large Pink Science Week Bunting 6. Large Green Science Week Bunting 7. Large Blue Science Week Bunting 8. Science Photobooth Props (laminate these and stick them to kebab sticks and they are fab! I have a photo on my instagram science week highlight of what they look like). 9. Science Week Colouring Competition (no year) so that they can be re-used every year! 🙂 10. Celebrities with a Degree in Science (10) 11. Women in Science (5) 12. Science Week Riddles (some new ones and some dingbats too) 13. Irish Versions of the Colouring Competitions added (June ’22). 14. Science Week Quiz & Answers (5 rounds: JC Bio, Chem, Phys, Space and Picture Round) 4Qs per round 15. Science Who Am I Riddles – 6 ‘Who Am I?’ Famous Scientist Riddles & Answers

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