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Seaside poetry / creative writing frame for independent writers, with colouring potential too. Attractively illustrated, with gently waving lines for writing on, and an exciting range of starter-lines. These range from ‘The sea is …’ (with 3 words or more invited) to ‘It is as sparkly as …’ and ‘The shells are as shiny as…’ and ‘My sandcastle is as big as…’ There are also spurs for writing about the sand and more.

Tips for use: warm up by enacting the sea and being in and around it, and discuss experiences. Talk about the colours, sounds, textures, fragrances, the sea breeze, the salty sea taste, the buoyancy and drift of the water, and more. Draw out rich, expressive vocabulary, particularly describing words for the sea.

Suggestions for sea word prompts: turquoise, cool, refreshing, relaxing, fun, exciting, deep, shallow, smooth, silky, shimmering, twinkling, floaty, bubbly, frothy, curly, transparent, see-through, magical.

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