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Sensory Resources for Sensory Learners is an A-Z resource of everyday items with fun activity ideas that can be used to support sensory engagement, learning opportunities, and promote independence and communication skills.

Over 700+ activity ideas
Over 100+ ideas for multisensory storytelling props.

The activities are a foundation on which to scaffold learning, to work on personal targets and goals and promote:

Cognitive development.
Communication skills: eye contact, listening, shared attention and language development.
Development of social skills: turn-taking, listening to others’ ideas, sharing and teamwork.
Engagement in scientific investigation.
Fine and gross motor skills.
Hand-eye coordination.
Opportunities for individuals to explore and express their likes, dislikes, and
sensory preferences and to understand the world around them.
Opportunities to explore cause & effect and build anticipation skills.
Problem solving skills.
Self-awareness: asking for ‘more’, ‘help’ ‘again’, making choices and rejections.
Trying out new ideas and skills, practicing self-care, independence and enjoying achievement.

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Rhyming Multisensory Stories
Rhyming Multisensory Stories
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