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This exciting, atmospheric poetry-writing frame is presented with wavy writing lines and dramatic illustrations, and has proved very popular with children. It elicits action and sound words for a wild, stormy sea (such as crashing, roaring, booming, hissing…) with similes. But the last verse-opening invites a pleasing contrast – serene words and imagery for a calm, peaceful sea after the storm.

The long lines provide plenty of space for extra, free-style input along the way, as well as for crossings-out and inserted embellishments.

Wording of the writing frame:

Title: Stormy Sea (though this can be changed, of course – perhaps to Wild, Ferocious or Merciless Sea/Ocean).

The sea went …
like a …
This is repeated for two subsequent verses, the third with no simile prompt, encouraging free expression.

Last verse:
But next day, it was as peaceful as… .

Age recommendation: 7-11.

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