Substitute Teacher School List

Substitute Teacher School List

As a substitute teacher this year, I am trying to compile a list of schools in my locality to contact. I also want to have their contact details handy and know a bit about the school if I get a last minute call in the morning. This way, I know somewhat what I am heading into.

This easy 1 page document allows you to fill in the list of schools you have contacted and their details in such a way that all of the information you need is in one place and not scattered across different pages and notes.

The document allows you to put in the details of schools under the following headings
– School Name
– Email Address – this is the way you will probably make contact with the school to express your availability
– Phone Number – save all of these numbers to your phone so you know who is ringing you to go for subbing
– Location – even if this is just a town/area/Eircode, you know what rough direction you are heading in
– Principal – it is always important to know the principal’s name
– Ethos – 96% of schools are Catholic, but you may also teach in CNS or Educate Together schools so at least then you know what kind of RE you will have to teach in this school
– Girls/Boys/Mixed – it can be handy to know if the school is single sex or mixed, as they may lean into the interests of the school
– Size – it is good to mentally prepare for the size of school you are heading into, whether this is a 2 teacher school or a 42 teacher school

This document is in WORD format so you can edit it on your computer or print it and hand write in the details. File it in the front of your subbing folder so it is ready and available whenever you need it!

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