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Acorn People is – full of challenges and conquering, rich in both the happy and the tragic, and along with the author, Ron Jones, a catalyst for much self-reflection and awareness!

A true story, The Acorn People gives us an “insider’s” perspective into the lives of some truly handicapped, yet beautiful young people who have a rare opportunity to be “normal.” We glean insight into life from their side, their parents’ side, and that of those who work closely with them.

A short read, a powerful voice, and eyes that see for us or alongside us, this is a gripping tale of the power of love and friendship mixed with a lot of patience, kindness, and perseverance.

This 29-page product’s activities are not arranged in sequential order. You are the best qualified to determine which activities to use when. Written for my fourth and fifth grade students.

Table of Contents:

  1. Vocabulary by the Chapter/Day
  2. Be a Word Nerd Vocabulary Activity
  3. Vocabulary Games
  4. Blank Vocabulary Definition Page
  5. Thinking About It All (Comprehension/Thought Questions)
  6. Some Final Thoughts (Composition Writing)
  7. Know Your Characters (Physical and Personality Traits)
  8. Themes, Themes, and More Themes!
  9. Research Topics and Report
  10. Research Fact Sheet
  11. Sample Bibliography
  12. Think Fast Task Card
  13. Grammatically Correct?
  14. Editing Marks
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