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Introducing the ultimate lesson plan for junior cycle history teachers – “The Life of a Historian”. This lesson plan is specifically designed for 1st or 2nd year students aged between 12-13 years old.

“The Life of a Historian” is a comprehensive and interactive lesson plan that covers the fundamental skills required for historical research and analysis. The lesson plan is divided into two editable word documents, providing teachers with the flexibility to customize the content to suit their classroom needs.

The lesson plan focuses on analyzing primary and secondary sources, evaluating sources, and putting events in order. These skills are essential for any historian and are crucial for students to learn in order to develop their critical thinking and analysis skills.

The lesson plan provides a range of engaging activities, including group work, independent research, and class discussions. The activities are designed to be interactive and thought-provoking, encouraging students to think critically and develop their own opinions.

Teachers will find the lesson plan easy to follow, with clear objectives and step-by-step instructions provided. The content is also aligned with the junior cycle history curriculum, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive and relevant education.

With “The Life of a Historian” lesson plan, teachers can be confident that they are providing their students with the skills they need to become proficient historians. So why wait? Get your copy today and help your students become the historians of the future!

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