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This product on The Witch of Blackbird Pond was created for a gifted fifth grade class and was always a class favorite. The novel is an older Newbery Medal novel, written in 1957, but its appeal is timeless! This historical fiction story set in colonial New England addresses ageless themes of social mores, intolerance, guilt by association, friendship, learning to live one’s own life and more. Activities are written to address higher order thinking skills and to engage students in fun and interesting aspects of the storyline. A broad spectrum of ELA standards are addressed.

Table of Contents:

1. Period Newspaper Overview
2. Period Newspaper Steps
3. Salem Witch Trials
~ Fact Sheet
~ Interview with the Accused
4. Who Were the Puritans?
~ Fact Sheet
~ Opinion Editorial
~ Editorial Cartoon
5. Meet the Quakers
~ Fact Sheet
~ Feature Article
6. Connecticut Colony Charter
~ Fact Sheet
~ A Debate
~ An Argument! Putting Words into Their Mouths
7. Barbados
~ Fact Sheet
~ Travel Poster
8. Wethersfield, Connecticut
~ Fact Sheet
~ Wethersfield, Yesterday and Today
~ A Letter to the Chamber of Commerce
9. The Thirteen Original Colonies
~ Fact Sheet
~ Question Set
~ Map
10. Dame Schools
~ Fact Sheet
~ Information Sheet
~ Hornbook with Calligraphy Alphabet Practice
11. Triangular Trade
~ Fact Sheet
~ Explanation and Map
12. The Court Scene
~ Overview
~ Preparations
~ Doing My Homework
~ Set the Stage
~ Role Cards
~ The Verdict
16. Vocabulary by Chapter Groups
17. Comprehension Question Bank
18. The Witch of Blackbird Pond Test
19. Instructions to Students for Writing a Bibliography

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