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Home Learning lesson pack on Types of Numbers (factors, multiples, primes, squares, cubes, square and cube roots).
Aimed at Primary School students Year 5/6 to keep the Number theory they have learnt or learning fresh for the return of schools
Also useful for students starting Junior Cert as refresher.

1 x 33 slide Powerpoint with methods and quiz questions
1 x Printable word worksheet
1 x Self marking version of the worksheet, no need to print
ALL answers included

How can I use this resource if I don’t have a printer?
The Types of Number Worksheet has been designed with adaptability in mind. So, the resource contains a printable copy of the worksheet (MS Word) and a self marking copy of the worksheet (MS Excel). The self marking worksheet allows you to type your answers directly beside the questions, so there is no printing needed and it self marks each question.
In addition, the printable version of the Types of Number Worksheet comes supplied with a full set of answers.

I have also included a recap Powerpoint presentation for the learner and the home schooler if needed to run through before attempting the worksheet. The presentation is 33 slides and includes methods, examples and quiz questions with answers.

Home Learning
The features mentioned above make this perfectly suitable to home learning. To set up your own session, just follow the steps below:

Prepare a suitable study space and have your computer / device ready.
Work through Powerpoint to recap methods
Either print off the Types of Number Worksheet or have the self marking excel version open on the screen of your chosen device.
The pupil can then complete the tasks provided, either with a pen / pencil on the printed-out worksheet or by typing directly into the self marking excel document.
Once complete, you have the option of marking the worksheet yourself (using the supplied answer sheet) or sif you have done the self marking version it will mark itself.

As a Maths resource, what kind of challenge can I expect?
To give you an insight into the challenge of the Types of Number Worksheet, take a peek at the following examples of questions in the worksheet

Which of these numbers is not a prime number?
5, 7, 21
What is 3 squared
What is 5 cubed
What are the first four multiple of 6
What is the square root of 16
What is the cube root of 64

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