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A fantastic Valentine’s Day maths mystery game challenges your students to work out who stole the teachers box of Valentine’s Day chocolates. There are a variety of maths problems your pupils will need to solve to reveal five different clues.

Suitable for Fourth to Sixth Class

Here is a breakdown of the different maths skills used in this Valentine’s Day maths mystery game:

Clue 1: Percentages of amounts. .
Clue 2: Multiplying whole numbers. By working out if a multiplication problem is correct, your class will be able to follow a path to a clue.
Clue 3: Area of triangles and quadrilaterals. Your pupils need to calculate the area of different three and four-sided shapes in centimetres, this will help them find the favourite food of the thief
Clue 4: Conversion of measures. For this task, your learners need to identify if the measurement conversions are true or false.
Clue 5: Decimal place value. Here your students will need to circle the correct place values of the bolded digit of a number with decimals. This will reveal the age of the thief

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