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A 6 day plan on formal arguments, encouraging children to think about moral dilemmas. Children will be introduced to the idea of moral dilemmas and arguing for and against both in a balanced argument.

This resource involves teaching children how to write a balanced argument in a progressive manner. Children will initially watch clips on how to argue in a balanced style. As the week progresses, children will be gathering information needed in order to write a balanced argument for themselves. There is a planning period as well (with resources) to allow children to properly plan their argument, as to ensure it’s balanced. This also gives children the opportunity to edit and correct their small errors. There is elements of arguing/debating orally also, which taps into speaking and listening.

By the end of the week, my class were excited to write a balanced argument on whether it is a good idea or not to keep a giant bag of cash that you found at the bottom of your garden. They were even more excited about turning it into a debate, which can easily be achieved.

*A 6 day detailed lesson plan, explaining how to carry out each lesson.
*A detailed, colourful notebook file to encourage discussion and to show expectations.
*A powerpoint to show the structure of a balanced argument.
*A success criteria to allow children to self-assess and peer-assess the written task.
*2 differentiated planning sheets.
*Moral dilemma scenarios to cut and distribute for discussion.
*A notebook file on how to use connectives.


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