How do I make money with my teaching resources?
Lesson Plans allows you to create a shop and sell your existing lesson plans and resources to other teachers.

How will I know if I have sold a product?
You can opt in to receive email notifications when one of your products sell. Alternatively , you can check your orders page on your sellers account.

Will my personal information be shared with buyers?
We are very careful with all personal information about users of teacher plans. Please check out our privacy policy for more information – (link)

Do I have to own the plan to upload it ?
Yes , you need to be the author of the plan. There are no exceptions to this guideline so please always ensure that work you upload is your own. You can find more information here

Do I have to use my real name?
When you create your account you do need to provide your real name and information however as a seller you can create an alias /shop name and can sell under this name.


How do I start my shop?
Earn with us

How do I upload a lesson plan?

  1. Go to the “My Account” tab which can be found on the top right hand menu on the homepage.
  2.  Select “add product” on the left hand side menu and follow the simple step by step guide.
  3. Select “upload” when all the fields are completed and your product will go live.

What if my file won’t upload?

  1. If this is a single product you shouldn’t be experiencing any issue as we accept multiple file types and sizes. If you are still experiencing difficulties , please reach out to us via the contact form
  2. If you have multiple files that you are trying to upload in one submission , you will need to create a bundle and upload as a zip file
  3. If you have ‘fada’s’ in your file name you will need to remove them to upload.

How should I price my products?

We strongly recommend you set the price for some of your products as “free” so that users can get an insight into your content quality and style. Please note that one the upload page you can set the price as either €0.00 or write the word “Free”. We recommend to write the word free as this is more compelling for the buyer.

You can set your price however you choose. We recommend anywhere up to 5euro for single lesson plans and anywhere up to 30e for lesson plan bundles. Please be aware these are only recommendations and not guidelines. You are free to set any price you choose.
Please see here for more details on seller tips

Why should I make some of my products free?

We strongly recommend you set the price for some of your products for free so that users can get an insight into your content quality and style.

How do I send a product to a buyer?
When a buyer purchases your product they will automatically be emailed you product, which they can download. There is no action on your side here.

Money and Payments

How much commission do I receive?

You receive 60% of every sale, for e.g if you sell lesson plans for €10.00 you will receive €6.00.

Why do I receive 60%?

The 40% is a service fee necessary to maintain the quality and usability of the platform. We have invested in a high quality website platform that ensures seamless uploading of plans and a very easy to navigate user experience. In addition we have invested in multiple payment options to make it easier to buy your products so that we have an easy-to-use payment system integrated into the website that requires no login etc. to remove any bottlenecks from the buyer. Some similar websites charge up to 50% service fees to cover these costs.

How and when do I get paid?

  1. Go to the “My Account” tab which can be found on the top right hand menu on the homepage.
  2.  Select “earnings”on the left hand side menu and you will be able to select the “Request Payout” button.

*Minimum withdrawal amount €25. Processing fee €1

Are there any fees associated with payouts for sellers?

Although Paypal do charge 3.4% (+0.35 fixed charge) for the transaction, we will be capping all processing fees at €1 for you when you request a payout of your earnings. The processing fee will only be €1 whether you take out €25 or €200 out of your account – as lessonplans will cover the rest of the processing cost.

Please note if you have a UK PayPal account that as of Jan 1st 2021 there is a fee applied by PayPal to transfer money. This fee is incurred by the seller and will be deducted from commission earned .

Do I need a PayPal account to get paid?
Yes you do. You can sign up here if you don’t have one already.  .



Do I have to be a member to purchase something?

Yes you do . There are a couple of reasons for this but mainly to receive your product we need your email address. We have tried to make registration as easy and quick as possible.


Do I need a PayPal account to buy something?

No you don’t, as a buyer you can purchase with your visa/credit card.


What do I do if I’m not happy with a purchase ?
Please contact the seller directly. This can be done through the contact seller form on the product page.

What happens if I don’t receive my purchase?

  1. While we strive to deliver products immediately, please be aware that it can take up to 30 mins to deliver.
  2. Please also check your SPAM and Junk folders to ensure it hasn’t been delivered there.
  3. As a last step you can contact Lesson Plans through the contact tab which is found at the top right hand menu and we will be happy to assist you.

How do I know the product will be of good quality?

We approve the first uploads from every seller to ensure they meet our quality standard. You can find more details in our terms of service. Before buying a product , please take time to read the product description and download any free material from the seller to check their content style.