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I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Next week I’ll be starting to think about heading back to school on the 7th of January. Lesson Plans has lots of great materials and lesson plans to help you get organised for the new school year.  I don’t always like the concept of New Years Resolutions but there are a couple of things I want improve for the new school term.

  1. Be more organised with lesson planning fortnightly planning and termly planning.
  2. Be more mindful of upcoming events and plan accordingly.
  3. To have a more organised and tidy desk (anyone else guilty of this)

Although there’s only 3 points there, it’s a pretty extensive area to improve on.  Here are some links to some resources which might help you get organised in the classroom for the new school term

  1. Philosophy display cards to develop children’s critical thinking skills from rebecca.the.irish.teacher : https://lessonplans.ie/downloads/philosophy-display-cards/
  2. New Year’s Resolutions template from The Teaching Diva  : https://lessonplans.ie/downloads/new-years-resolutions/
  3. Mental Maths Starters suitable for 4th, 5th and 6th Class from Rebecca.the.irish.teacher : https://lessonplans.ie/downloads/mental-maths-starters/

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