Happy Science Week!

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Science Week

There is just so much happening in schools at the moment with World Kindness Day, Science Week, preparing for Christmas plays and not forgetting Mickey Mouse’s 90th Birthday on November 18th.  That is all in addition to the day job requirements like lesson planning, fortnightly planning, corrections, assessments and obviously the actual teaching part of the job.

I am sure lots of you fellow teachers will have amazing, jaw-dropping and exciting experiments planned for your classes. However, if you’re like me and a little behind this year hopefully some of the following tips will help you out this week.

Science Lesson Plans & Resources

Firstly there are so many excellent Science resources and lesson plans available at our fingertips, the key is knowing where to look. Scholastic has some great ideas for science experiments.  Science Foundation Ireland is also where you can use filters to help you plan a fun-filled lesson.

On staging2.lessonplans.ie we have some brilliant Science lessons and resources available.  Some of these include the following,  Miss Connolly has an innovative dictionary activity based on science words for classes from 3rd to 6th. Muinteoir Rachel has a selection of lesson plans for Junior or Senior Infants with some easy Science experiment ideas such as investigating waterproof materials. Finally, TeacherTeacher30 has a 2-year long-term plan on Science for 1st and 2nd classes based on Small World and Unlocking SESE books.

In addition, we are also following lots of the action from Science Week on their Facebook page.  Sometimes the most effective experiments are the simplest ones.

Enjoy Science Week!

Lesson Plans Team 🙂

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