Novel ideas for 4th , 5th and 6th Class

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Over the past years, I have taught in numerous schools, settings and class levels. I have always noticed that the use of certain novels is repeated year in and year out. We all know the ones I mean so I don’t need to name specific titles!


I know personally I’m bored by a lot of the same novels, books and content and if you feel that way about something you’ll never teach it with the same passion. I’m also aware that once you have your lesson plans written it’s easy to tweak them and stick with the same content.   I started in 5th Class last year and I decided to introduce a new novel – ” In the Mouth of the Wolf” by Michael Morpurgo.  The children were so enthusiastic and engaged  I decided there and then to continue on my mission of adding new novels and content.  One child commented, ” I’m lucky because my older brother hasn’t read this but I read all his novels when he was in 5th”.

New Novels 

During the past few months and thanks to Covid19 I have completed many different courses online to try and upskill.  One particular literacy course I attended emphasised the importance of “keeping things fresh” and trying new things.  With that in mind, I’ve added 2 new novels to my booklist for this year. In 5th Class this year we will be doing 3 novels.

  1. Danny Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
  2. In the Mouth of the Wolf by Michael Morpurgo
  3. The Pear Affair by Judith Eagle

I’ve linked all the books above to the book depository if anyone wants to check them out. I’ve already started making resources for all the above so keep an eye on and I’ll add these shortly.  Happy Planning 🙂

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