Key Things to Remember for Parent Teacher Meetings:

  1. Keep your cool. Parent-teacher can be daunting for anyone.
  2. Understand the schools scheduling policy and understand the flexibility you have around it.  
  3. Preparation and prioritisation of messaging for the meeting is key. There can be multiple updates you can share with a parent but what are the most important messages you need to communicate. 
  4. Ensure you cover aspects beyond lesson progress including social interaction skills. friendships and general motivation in the classroom.
  5. Behavioural concerns should not be ignored. Although these conversations can be the most difficult they are also the most critical not to avoid. When feedback is communicated in the correct way you have a much higher chance of it landing effectively.
  6. Positive and constructive feedback on a student is best shared with correct context. Give an example of the behaviour and impact so a parent can understand the feedback. In addition, bringing examples of class work can be helpful to communicate feedback.
  7. Think about any asks you might have for parents in terms of facilitating homework at home or additional study support that might be needed. This is a key opportunity to put asks on the table. 
  8. Invite any questions and concerns a parent might have. It is important parents also feel they have air time with you and are not simply feeling they are being ‘talked at’. Encourage the parents to come with questions in advance of the meeting. In addition, it is helpful to kick-off the meeting by hearing from the parent and their impression of progress.
  9. Make sure you have a notebook handy to take notes on parents questions or concerns. This will make it easier to remember any follow-ups needed. 
  10. Remember to dress smart and professional that day, all interactions start with first impressions.


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