Selling my Teaching Resources: How and Why I do it!

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We are delighted to introduce this week’s post written by who is a popular teacher on Instagram.  Through her blog and Instagram profile, she aims to offer advice, support and resources for teachers. 

Why I started selling lesson plans online:

As teachers, we spend hours a day/week/month creating resources for our class. If we’re not creating them, we’re scrolling through the internet searching for the resource or lesson plan that we want. (This can sometimes take longer than actually making the resource yourself, if you’re like me and don’t stop until you find exactly what you’re looking for).

I’m a fussy fuss pot when it comes to what resources I use for my class. Stubborn as a mule, I get an idea in what way I want to teach, resource and extend my lessons and I don’t budge from it. For English, Maths and Science, it is important that my lessons are:

  • Engaging and fun (to teach).
  • Differentiated.
  • Contain CHALLENGE for each ability.

The truth is, that a large majority of teachers make resources for their class at some stage during the year. Maybe not all of the time, but at some stage, right? After a year of making lots of teaching resources, I thought about the fact that I’d spent all these hours making resources for my class that were used once. Once. After all that time and effort, no one other than me and my children benefited from these lessons. Therefore, I started selling my teaching resources. Knowing and appreciating how time-consuming teaching is, I hoped my teaching resources would save someone else time and hassle. Considering I had made them ANYWAY.

lesson plans

A platform I use:

Lately, I have started selling my lesson plans on I know what you may be thinking, surely this takes even more time and effort out of a teacher’s day. But that’s where you’re wrong. Lesson Plans is by far the quickest, most convenient site I’ve used to upload a resource. If, like me, you already have the resource made, the hard part is done. Within a few clicks, you could be sharing your hard work with other teachers like you who may need exactly what you’ve created.

lesson plans

Is it worth it?

On my Instagram, I set up a Q&A about selling lesson plans and this one caught my eye as it was my exact thoughts this time 3 years ago. The main thing I wanted to know was ‘is it worth it?’.

My answer is YES. It’s a fantastic way to earn some extra money for the work that you’re doing anyway! It’s a no-brainer in my eyes, like why wouldn’t you do it? Let’s say you upload a product at the weekend that you had taught that week to your class, that resource is now there for the foreseeable future, earning you money anytime another teacher buys it.

Why set up an account?

It’s not a consistent income as there’s no telling when your products will sell, but the market is there, so why not avail of it? Your resources could be exactly what another teacher is looking for and they’re currently where? Sitting in a folder on your laptop/desktop gathering (virtual) dust! Take the chance. Upload your resources and join this exciting, online teaching resource author community. You’ve nothing to lose, you can’t lose money so why not try earn some?

Within 5 minutes, an account can be set up on our website and you could be sharing your teaching resources with loads of like-minded teachers. Teachers, who could be waiting for something like yours to come along? Over on my Instagram, I have created a highlight where I talk about adding products to my shop page and just how easy it is! Take a look here for more of a step-by-step guide or have a browse in my store:

lesson plans

To sum up:

Initially, selling my teaching resources was for my “holiday fund” that slowly built up and up. Now it’s really growing and it’s very exciting! What are you waiting for? Get uploading!

If you’ve any questions about uploading or selling your lesson plans online, please ask. As well as that, let me know if you’ve set up an account, I’d love to share your page to help grow your business!

Good luck!

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