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Please see below for top tips on uploading products, lesson plans and resources.

Product Name

A product can be a lesson plan or a resource. This is completely up to you. Later on you will have to option to choose tags for your product so it will appear when people search.
An example of a product name is “ 5th Class Maths Time Lesson Plans”.


This is your opportunity to include a description of what your product is. Helpful details to include here could be the type of plan/resource, what class level it’s suitable for, content details, number of lesson plans etc. You also have an opportunity here to direct people to check out some of your free material so they can get an idea of your style of writing and content.
E.g “ These plans include 5 sequential lesson plans for 1 week’s worth of lessons on time. These plans are suitable for 5th class and include 24-hour clock, reading timetables and mental maths introductions. Make sure you check out my free lesson plan on chance which is available on my shop to get an idea of my style of lesson plans”

Description Readability

If your description is more readable it will be more searchable on Google and easier for people to find you. Please see the readability tips below.
Transition words: Do you use transition words like ‘most importantly’, ‘because’, ‘therefore’, or ‘besides that’ to tie your text together? Using these words improves the flow of your article as they provide hints to the reader about what is coming next.
Sentence beginnings: Do any of your consecutive sentences start with the same word? This would cause repetition for your reader, and that might be annoying. Always mix up your sentences to keep your article readable and free of obstacles, unless you want to prove something or use it as a writing style, of course.
Paragraph length: Some people tend to use extremely long paragraphs. Doing so makes your text look daunting as it becomes just one big blob of text. Break it up, use shorter paragraphs and insert subheadings.
Sentence length: Sentence length is one of the core issues that makes a text hard to read. If your sentences are too long – over 20 words – people might lose track of your point. Often, readers have to jump back a few words to find out what you mean. This is very tiring and inefficient. Try to keep the number of words in a sentence in check. Shorten your sentences. Aim for easy understanding, not a complex literary masterpiece.
Passive voice: Using a lot of passive voice in your text makes it appear distant, and your message will be less clear. Your sentences become wordy and hard to grasp because you have to work harder to understand the sentence structure. Whenever you use the passive voice, always consider whether a better, active alternative is available.


Again, this is completely up to you to set. We recommend that you make a selection of products available of your shop free so that potential buyers can get an idea of your writing style. Also we find that buyers are more likely to purchase from you once they have checked a sample of your work. When deciding on a price , this is completely up to you. We do recommend anywhere from €1.00 – €10.00 for lesson plans and resources and setting higher amounts for bundles and long term plans but again this is entirely your own choice. You can change the price you set at any time by editing your product once its live!

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