Tips on religion lesson plans, ideas and resources

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Religion can be a tricky subject to plan for . This is due to a number of factors.  The main one is that most schools follow a religious programme. This means religion is very structured and often we teachers are working to a scheme of work. However, there are times when you do need to plan and organise extra religion lessons. This applies to both class teachers and those on school placement or teaching practice.

For example, this week is Catholic schools week, so it’s necessary to go outside of the set programme you follow to incorporate new lessons and material.  This Friday, the 1st of February is St Brigid’s Day.  There is so much all class levels can do around this day including making the crosses, colouring and designing the cloak, writing facts and the life or St Brigid etc.  On teacher plans we have a fantastic resource from Ms Connolly. She has provided 30 key words related to the story of St Brigid.  We also have a fantastic range of religion lesson plans and resources on for both primary and secondary teachers.

Links to primary religion lesson plans and resources for class teachers and teaching practice placements.

  1. We have booklets for First Confession and Communion for 2nd class. These are so beneficial if it is your first time teaching 2nd class. They’re also a great reference point if you want to make changes to existing booklets.
  2. A flipchart on The Prodigal Son is a great free resource available on  This prompts discussion and enables an easy flow of integration with English.
  3. Muinteoir Rachel has a set of 3 Religion lesson plans , ideal for teaching practice or school placement.  The lesson plans include a plan on St Thomas Aquinas, Christian symbols and St Vincent De Paul.  These lesson plans are suitable for 5th or 6th class.
  4. Exploring world religions is also catered for on with a 14-page flipchart on Islam.  These are great for senior classes – 4th, 5th and 6th.

Links to secondary lesson plans and resources for class teachers and school placement or teaching practice. 

  1. On you will find a 10-page flipchart about Knock. This is suitable for the Junior Cert Curriculum at the secondary level.

New content, lesson plans, resources and materials are added on a daily and sometimes hourly basis on Keep an eye on new content if there’s something specific you are looking for.

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