5th year test on plate tectonics, includes both short questions and some longer answers, not taken from exam papers and no essay questions included. Marks are given beside the questions.

PDF document of instructions for using Canva (app) on phones.

Visual description of how plates move and the different plate movement. Can accompany lesson on plate tectonics at junior cycle.

Printable leaf design labels (check instagram @instateachernetwork) Labels include: ~ 1st-6th Year Geography ~ 1st -6th Year Materials ~ Todays Date (for whiteboard) ~ Homework PDF Document

PDF Doc 9 questions based on Junior Cycle Geography topic of Climate & Climate Change.

PDF Document Mock reflection suitable for both LC and JC students but made with JC students in mind.

Short 1 page test to assist students with revision of plate tectonics. Format: PDF Marking included on test.

Booklet comprised of 10 pages, focusing mainly on how humans respond to natural disasters. Powerpoint to accompany. In microsoft word and PDF formats.

Simple test reflection that can be used with any year group from older primary to senior cycle. Encourages students to give themselves feedback on their test after the teacher has…