Product Bundles

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Why Bundle lesson plans or resources into Product Bundles?

It is rare to create and write one-offs in our job, so you may want to upload a number of files together which we refer to as a ‘product bundle’ e.g a week’s worth of lesson plans on maths, long-term plans for a term, or a year perhaps. This is where the option of adding a bundle comes in very useful. It’s also very easy and pain-free to create a product bundle.. Just follow the tips below!

What is a bundle?

Put simply a product bundle is two or more items, files, resources, uploads or whatever you choose to call them. On Lesson Plans you have the option of uploading single files, such as a lesson plan, a worksheet, a PowerPoint etc.

Before you upload

Create a new folder in your documents and name it about what is being uploaded – e.g – Maths 3D Shapes
Move all the files you want to upload together into this folder
Right-click the folder and choose the option to send to a compressed zip folder
This will create a new zip folder with the same name you called your original folder


Follow the page “add product” on teacher plans. When you come to upload the file, search for your new zip folder and double-click the folder to add it to your new product.
When someone buys your product they will receive the zip file folder making the whole process as seamless as possible for both the seller and the buyer.

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